Build your resume
Build your Resume

Interpret “Build your Resume”

💻Side Project

Side project/s adds huge value to your resume, It shows your passion and your allegiance towards your field, That you have done something by your own that nobody forced you to do. It doesn’t matter how good or how useful your side project, But it must have some or at-least one use case. That you can explain to your interviewer.

📑Online certification / Learn something by your own

Almost everything you can learn online, In fact you are learning most of the things everyday from internet. So why not spend some more time and learn in the systematic step by step way, and earn a “Certificate” for your learning.

👨‍💻Participate in Hackathon

Get participate in different hackathons and online competitions, Now a days there are lot many hackathons are getting organized for students, Search and make your participation. There are many online hackathons as well where you can participate. There are site like ‘’ where you can create your profile and participate in online hackathon challenges. Online competitions like hashcode and many more

😎Build Profile in Dev community

Build a profile on dev community sites, that you can show case on your resume. Sites like

🦄Contribute to open source community

Well, this will make a wide impact for your resume. If you actually contribute to an opensource projects.



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