Build your resume
Build your Resume

Interpret “Build your Resume”

Gaurav Polekar
3 min readApr 4, 2020


Hello world!

Unlike my other posts this is also intended for the Engineering students. In your engineering tenure we have heard this term “Build your resume” lots of time.

So what does that really mean? Building resume means writing a 1-2 page document, With a fancy template to stand out , right ?

Well, This is what the same I was thinking in my college days. But this is not sufficient to build your resume to stand out from others or to make impact through your resume.

So what does it mean ? Lets interpret it 😎

Content is the Key, So you need to put content that will make your resume different from others. How do you add such content ? From where you will get that ?

Well, you have to create your content, here’s how;

Common things that everyone will add :

Personal Info, Educational details, Projects, Hobbies etc

What extra you can create to add more value :

💻Side Project

Side project/s adds huge value to your resume, It shows your passion and your allegiance towards your field, That you have done something by your own that nobody forced you to do. It doesn’t matter how good or how useful your side project, But it must have some or at-least one use case. That you can explain to your interviewer.

Showcase your side projects on github, make your online presence on github, Github is your new resume.

📑Online certification / Learn something by your own

Almost everything you can learn online, In fact you are learning most of the things everyday from internet. So why not spend some more time and learn in the systematic step by step way, and earn a “Certificate” for your learning.

Many site are offering online courses and there are many experts are creating there courses online. Search what suite for you and enroll for the course, complete it, and the most important add it on your resume.

👨‍💻Participate in Hackathon

Get participate in different hackathons and online competitions, Now a days there are lot many hackathons are getting organized for students, Search and make your participation. There are many online hackathons as well where you can participate. There are site like ‘’ where you can create your profile and participate in online hackathon challenges. Online competitions like hashcode and many more

😎Build Profile in Dev community

Build a profile on dev community sites, that you can show case on your resume. Sites like

Stackoverflow — Ask some good questions, answer few on it, and build your reputation.

If you are good at writing explain something in your own words at platform like medium or

🦄Contribute to open source community

Well, this will make a wide impact for your resume. If you actually contribute to an opensource projects.

Contributing not always mean in terms of coding, you can write test cases, file an issue, improve documentation, and if you can then fix an issue, its great go ahead and fix the issue and you can add a tag “Open source contributor” to your resume.

If this seems difficult, don’t worry start your own open source project.

Will try to write something in details about this in upcoming posts.

You are a next gen Student, You may come up with some new ideas. Please suggest / comment so the list will get enhanced.

But the most important thing, you don’t need to follow all of these, just pick one or two topic and master in that area.

Read more such articles on my blog

Thank you for reading, see you soon.

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All the best 👍



Gaurav Polekar